Hi, I'm bumpyJake

Hello, I'm Jake and I am a Project Manager, Developer, Creative Director, Video Editor and Organiser.I have been working in the Gaming industry for almost 2 years, and have worked in many corners of the space, primarily Minecraft, but also branching out to Roblox/Fortnite.I have lead many large and successful projects for many high profile clients, creating engaging and memorable game experiences.I am always looking for new projects to work on Development, Management or Editing. You can contact me on Twitter or Discord.

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For the second year in a row, I was tasked with creating the EVNT, formerly DotWav , Pride Games charity events.In 2023, I decided to host 5 events for both creators and the community. I rehosted my Speedrun Bingo gamemode from the previous year, as well as putting a new spin on our X-Craft CTF gamemode in a pride themed map.We hosted the event to over 100 of the biggest LGBTQIA+ creators, including JustKaboodle, jojosolos, Mysticat, & Antfrost, and we were able to raise over $8,000 for charity.I had to manage the entire team and event, organising players, managing development and assets, creating marketing marterial, and hosting the events.

BlockHunt was the first event of 2023 to celebrate the partnership between DotWav & EVNT.Along with our small development team, and fellow manager Iceypooo, we created an extremely unique prophunt Minecraft event, featuring 250+ custom assets, being played by 150+ creators, including some of the greatest including jojosolos, and InTheLittleWood.My role on the project included, server development, team/project management, and marketing.

We were brought on by Twitch Rivals to create an event for Nyanners/VShojo based on the Survivor TV show.We hosted 13 minigames over 3 days with 18 participants, who had to complete challenges and win tribal votes to take home the prize.We had a team of over 10 staff working on the custom map, models, sounds and development for the event.For the event, I was the Testing & Asset Manager, as well as admin on the day of the production

X Games asked us to create Minecraft tournament for 20 creators, to go alongside X Games Aspen 2023.We made 3 winter sports-themed minigames to be played by 10 YouTube creators and 10 Twitch creators. We also ran a community build battle event for 24 hours.The event was broadcasted live on the X Games Twitch/Youtube channels, and clips from the event were then shown on ESPN & ABC.I was one of the Project Leads on the event, managing assets + tests. I also edited all the promotional videos, and managed the community event.

I worked with fellow event organiser/creative ArgonGaming to create a second iteration of his famed event MCProm, in collaboration with DotWav, and the host JellyBean.With a limited budget, we created an elite team of creatives to create an extremely well branded and enjoyable Minecraft Prom, set in space.I headed the management of the whole team on this project, as well as assets, marketing, and worked closely with our modeller/developer. I also edited the videos and contributed heavily to server development.

Lenovo Legion Snow Day

We were asked by Lenovo Legion and Xbox Game Pass to create a Snow Day event for 2 teams of 16 creators, lead by BadBoyHalo and CaptainPuffy.We created 3 original gamemodes, all themed around snowballs, incorporating many new techniques and features. The event was also extremely well branded with custom Lenovo Laptop models, and large builds of the logos all around the spawn.I was the lead project manager on this event, as well as handling server administration, asset management, and quality control.

In the second instance of this event gamemode, I created a Speedrun Bingo tournament to raise money for the LifePack Charity. We gathered 80 of the biggest streamers including CaptainSparklez and Punz.The event featured 10 custom achievements, and custom assets to tie into the LifePack brand. The event was a huge success, raising over $14,000 with our custom donation system.I developed the entire event, as well as managing the rest of the team working on it, and helping with organising the 20 teams participating in the event.

I was brought on to assist in the creation of a Wipeout styled Minecraft tournament. Season 2 of the event brought in thousands of viewers, and our sponsors allowed us to create a well polished and unique event.We featured creators such as CaptainSparklez, Antfrost, fruitberries and many more, with a total prize of $600 being available.I worked as lead management on this 4 month long project, coordinating the developer, artists, and organising/administrating all 4 events.Season 3 is currently in development!

Women Games

I teamed up with AvaJC to create a survival games event to celebrate International Women's Day, being broadcasted the front page of Twitch via her stream.I developed a classic survival games tournament featuring 50+ creators, and 3 classic maps.I coded all of the systems used in the event, as well as running tests and hot-fixing issues that occurred on the day of the event. It was a large success and one of the most positive responses to an event I have created.


I was commissioned by ParrotX2 to create a new years firework show. The plugin consisted of 1.3 million fireworks being launched at 200/second, and a timer system giving every person that logged onto the server 5 minutes before being kicked.I also setup a limbo-queue server to allow for his thousands of viewers to easily queue and be let into the server over time. We consistently peaked at 2k+ players in the queue, with no lag to the overall performance of the server.


I have worked with creator JustKaboodle for the last year, producing plugins and custom solutions for not only her lore-based smp, the KaboodleSMP, where I created custom abilities and other story-telling based features.I have also worked on her personal content, including setting up plugins to create videos with other creators, and creating a custom random Death Swap plugin, to be played live on stream with Tubbo and ClownPierce.


I was commissioned by YouTuber WelcominTV to create a custom gamemode plugin for one of his civlization videos.The plugin included splitting 100 players into 2 teams, giving them 3 beacons which granted special powers, and a hardcore system activating upon all 3 beacons being destroyed.The video has sinced gained 200k+ viewers, on a complex gamemode system that I created in very little time, exactly to the clients specifications.

Karl Jacobs

Well-known creator KarlJacobs commissioned me to create a simple plugin for his "If I Die, I Jump Out of a Plane" video.While the appearance was fairly minimal in the video, I created a parkour plugin where it simply tracked the players progress on a bossbar, and end points for each level. This video is now sitting at over 2.3 million views!

Bisect Studios

I worked with BisectHosting to assist in creating 3 of their first videos on their BisectStudios Youtube channel.I assisted with production and creative design across the 3 videos, and worked closely on development in the latter 2.The final video I worked on involved me creating a complex Mega Walls event with 4 teams, and unique abilities for each one, where they had to destroy the other teams beacon and kill the players in order to win the game.

The Originals is a modded content creator SMP I created alongside WillbeeVT in 2022. It consisted of over 100 content creators, and ran successfully for 7 months, only dipping in player-count in the latter half.In 2023, we revived the project for a Season 2, bringing in 100 more creators, a brand new modpack with custom features and active events.The SMP twitter currently sits at over 1,000 followers, and is Will and I's most successful project yet.I manage the overall project as well as providing most of the behind-the-scenes develoment work.

The KaboodleSMP is a lore based SMP owned by JustKaboodle, where 3 factions have different abilities that affect their gameplay. Every 2 weeks, a main lore stream happens featuring a dozen creators, being broadcasted to thousands.I developed the custom powers for all the 3 factions, as well as dealing with member specific requests for their own characters.I also worked on integrating resource pack assets into this SMP, as well as adding new lore-related features as and when they were needed in the story

Viewer SMPs

I have created multiple "Viewer SMPs" for various creators in the Minecraft space. These involve a basic server setup that introduces basic QOL features to the game, as well as easy to use moderation tools for the streamer staff to use. These servers create an opportunity for creators to connect with their audiences, as well as create content!I have developed Viewer SMPs for JustKaboodle, IvoBrandr, IzzyFoxy, JustDash, TheStoryPainter, riiceandbeanss, millkberry, Pyroscythe, LincuHQ, ArthurTV, GirlSpoken and ToxBerry.

ChallengersSMP was a month long Hardcore SMP, where 40 players had to compete to get the most amount of achievements from the custom achievement pack, Blazes n Caves.For this SMP, I developed a fully custom server experience, including various leaderboards, a customizable team system, and various other feature such as an item shop.

ChallengersSMP was a month long Hardcore SMP, where 40 players had to compete to get the most amount of achievements from the custom achievement pack, Blazes n Caves.For this SMP, I developed a fully custom server experience, including various leaderboards, a customizable team system, and various other feature such as an item shop.


A series of trailers I created for EVNT's Pride Games 2023!

A series of game explanation vidos created for the XGames X-Craft event!

A trailer I created for the DotWav x EVNT BlockHunt event!

A trailer I created for MCProm 2022, hosted by JellyBean!

A trailer I created for the 1N Productions Bidwars event!

A member announcement video I created for The OriginalsSMP Season 2!


Opening cinematic for the first EveraftersSMP, a fantasy style lore SMP.

A trailer cinematic I created for the RunesSMP, a fantasy lore SMP.

A trailer cinematic I created for Season 2 of the KaboodleSMP, a lore server.

I have created over a dozen cinematics for the KaboodleSMP, all requiring extensive ReplayMod shooting, following scripts, working with the cast for voice linefs and working with special effects to bring elements of the story to life.You can view the cinematics across the KaboodleSMP Youtube channel


A dramatic retelling covering a few days of funny gameplay streams on MCC Island

An application I edited for a group of friends, to apply for MCC Rising 2

Logo Animations

Commission Information

I am currently accepting commissions for a wide variety of projects (all services listed below).Prices listed below serve as a starting point, and I am open to negotiation or customization based on budget, project specifics, and circumstances.Contact me on Twitter/Discord/Email

I am able to provide the following services:
- Plugin development (streams/videos)
- Full custom event/server development
- Server setups (creator/public SMPs)
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Plugin Development - ~£40
Base cost, will increase depending based on complexity
Full Event/Server Development - £15/hourViewerSMP Setups - £40
Creator SMP Setups - Judged on case-by-case basis

I am able to provide the following editing services:
- Event/SMP trailers
- General motion graphics
- In-Game cinematics
- Clip compilations/recap videos
- Logo animations
Visit Editing for visual examples on what I can provide! These videos can include Replay Mod, motion design, and more.


Event/SMP Trailers - £80 (45-60 secs)
Can vary depending on contents, includes motion graphics
Logo Animations - £20
Depending on complexity
In-Game cinematics - £80 (1.5 minutes)

Other works will be priced on a case-by-case basis, depending on the contents

I am able to provide the following services:
- Quality Assurance
- General advice/planning


Prices for these service will depend on the workload requestedQuality Assurance - £15/hour